Asset Management System (AMIRASET)

Real estate is one of the most profitable fields of business today. Because of its tremendous promise and high asset valuation this industry is valued by businessmen. An important feature of real estate properties is how it remains accumulated over time. Each investment, therefore, gets a guaranteed return. Many individuals are making money in the sector as well.

Asset management carries a series of lifecycle processes as shown below. The need for these features to be segregated and managed promptly is crucial to the benefit of profitable returns.

The current industry portrays many challenges in which needs proper addressing in order to overcome long term damages to our financials from our lack of property management. One of which is human errors that leave no audit trail causing inconvenience, rental collection related issues such as delayed or non-payment received, hard to generate reports, the need for the property to be maintained regularly, difficulty in obtaining accurate methods to gather information and finally a no solution available for end-to-end property management.

What does the Asset Management System (AMIRASET) by Amiro Technology offer?

Streamline Management Process

Manage information across all process in real-time. Dashboard view of all the operation from registration, rental, advertisement and maintenance. Auto-generate the status, report and complaints accurately



A program for asset management automates all of the complicated procedures, activities and responsibilities that would normally take time and manpower. From issuing notifications, sending emails with a reminder to generating reports and records, a property management app takes care of every part of your enterprise.


Advanced software for asset management ensures all of your important and confidential data are kept secure. AMIRASET built a comprehensively secured environment, including firewall, encryption, and backup/recovery modules, which develops one such software solution.


By using an asset management software is a cost-effective solution compared, both in short and long-term, investments made in manpower and employee wages. A right real estate management software would surely allow you to save huge on property management.

Fully Integrates With Accounting Systems

Auto-generate Monthly Billing for Rental, Maintenance Services, Rental Renewal and many more. Easy Payment for users to pay through FPX online banking or credit card. Easy Collection with advance notification through email and SMS. Updates properly depreciation/appreciation to an accounting system.

User-Friendly Operation

A fully integrated web-based system that syncs all the process from end-to-end. Automatic workflow and task routing. Easy to navigate GUI and work seamlessly. Full Training and user manual will be provided to educate on how to use the system.

Profitable System

New channel to advertise available properties for rental/sale. Manage advertisement application to advertise through billboard
Wide range of data collection allows organizations to analyze and refine their marketing strategies.

What are the AMIRASET features?

How our system looks like