Document and records management systems are one of the most expanding disciplines in the area of information management. DMS offers compound mechanisms for classifying and providing access to information. As mentioned, there are great numbers of benefits in adopting and implementing DMS strategy in an organization. A Document Management Software is a computer program used to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner. DMS also helps companies effectively manage data and documents and derive relevant information out of it. DMS is a technology tool that is a package designed to define, manipulate, and manage documents & data in a database. The DMS runs business applications, which perform the tasks of managing business processes, interacting with end-users and other applications, to capture and analyze data. This document management system also has the latest security features such as Level of user access, Clear Work-flow, Time-out Session, Audit Trail, encrypted uploads and digital certificates (https: //) will be implemented during development improvements. To ensure that this system is widely used and gives positive changes after the implementation. Amiro Technology team will maintain the development of this system for 3 months within the warranty period of 6 months after the implementation period.

What does DMS system by Amiro Technology offer?

Good document management

Good document management will make your organization more productive. Good document management makes it easier for employees to find and understand the information that they need to do their job.


By using the system from Amiro solution , it allows your organization to avoid unnecessary duplication. Ensures you never have employees conducting the same work that has already been completed by another employee or save the same data causing manipulative documentations.


Allow employees to access information and be notified of urgent issues. This allows a company to make decisions and actions significantly faster.

Security Risk

Security risk is minimized, if not entirely eliminated with a document management system. A strong management system will greatly reduce the risk of losing important documents and data.

Document Accuracy

Data entry errors, conclusion errors and processing inefficiencies are all risks for companies that don’t have a strong data management plan and system. The corrective costs of inadequate data management can be significant and can run into millions.

Reduce Data Loss

With a document management plan, things will be put in place to ensure that important information is backed up and retrievable from a secondary source if the primary source ever becomes non-accessible.

How our system looks like