e-Ticket Systems

Amiro Technology produce an e-ticket system to provide more efficient, convenient, and secured way of issuing and managing tickets for various purposes. We have successfully delivered an e-ticket system to the client and they are still using e-ticket system until now.

We also offered Private Finance Initiative (PFI) for this system. By using PFI, the client does not bear the upfront capital costs. Amiro Technology will fund the construction and operational costs of the project.

Any inquiries or if you are interested, you can email to sales@amiro-technology.com

What does Amiro Technology e-Ticket System offer?


Customers can purchase tickets online or through mobile apps, customers does not need to visit physical ticket outlets or wait in long lines. E-tickets can be easily stored on smartphones, reducing the need for physical tickets. Tickets can be purchased from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for travelers and event-goers.

Cost Efficiency

E-ticket systems reduce costs on expenses related to system development. PFI contracts often involve fixed, long-term payments, which can make budgeting more predictable for clients.

Real-time Updates

E-tickets can provide real-time updates to customers, such as changes in event details, seating arrangements, or departure times. Clients can communicate important information to attendees instantly, reducing confusion and inconvenience.


E-tickets are often more secure than paper tickets, as they can be linked to the buyer’s account and require authentication for access. This reduces the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent tickets.

Data Collection

Clients can collect valuable data about customer preferences, purchasing habits, and attendance patterns. This data can be used for marketing, planning, and improving the customer experience.


E-ticket systems can easily scale to accommodate large events, transportation networks, or sudden increases in demand. They are suitable for various industries and use cases.

How our system looks like