Human Resource Management

Amiro Technology produced an all-in-one HR software made to ease the Human Resources management for businesses and its employees. Our software makes it easy to collect, maintain, and analyse your employee data, help improve on managing new on-board employees, manage compensation, and develop your company structure. The software is sculptured to provide solutions on what matters most—your employees. An HRMS helps manage employee functions like calculating and communicating time-off, on-boarding paperwork, and managing employee performance—which lets HR focus on more important, strategic work.

What does Amiro Technology Human Resource Management System offer?

Recruitment & Onboarding

The recruitment process has never been easier with our internal form-filling and authorization processes. Management of employees and training material for new on-board employees are made easy with a one-portal all in system.

Among features are:

  • Pre-first day preparation
  • Easy (and online) set up for employee records
  • Provision of essential information about the company and key personnel
  • Automatic scheduling of essential meetings
  • Compliance with legislative matters
  • Goal-setting as a basis for probationary period

Performance management

Providing an automated appraisal process, tracking objectives, recording and targets to ensure competence framework, job standards and other relevant necessities.

Among features are:

  1. Setting and managing goals for employees
  2. Scheduling appraisal meetings
  3. Data collection for an easier individual performance review
  4. Access to talent management and succession planning functions

Benefits administration

Managing information saves time, reduces cost and maximizes time worth paying for. With a proper management system to help monitor employee benefits, healthcare and pension/welfare packages, tracking enrolment options and any financial implications, you will surely have your penny well spent.

Among features are:

  1. Enrollment online
  2. Communication enrolment options and information automated.
  3. Benefits life cycle event management
  4. Legislative compliance

Workforce management

The primary function of this feature is to be able to manage to schedule. This module should connect closely to the time, attendance and leave management. Similarly, the system functions closely to other business intelligence systems such as ERP and CRM to match workforce deployment to shifting needs.

Time and attendance

Close at hand to payroll, time and attendance is probably one of the longest-standing HR automation. With this feature, workforce management is at the tip of your fingers

Among features are:

  1. Employment attendance tracking
  2. Time clock management
  3. Functionality for remote and mobile workers

Absence and leave management

With this feature, the HR, as well as employees, are able to seamlessly organize appropriately on allocation, bookings, approval, tracking and monitoring absence. It may be for vacations, compassionate reasons, illness, parental leave, even jury duty. Request and approval processes should be streamlined and the outcomes incorporated into team calendars where appropriate.

Among features are:

  1. Self-apply leave requests
  2. Integration with workforce management (scheduling) and time and attendance functions
  3. ‘Account management’, tracking on vacation time and usage.
  4. Able to monitor metrics and analytics, including absence levels.

Learning and development

Providing a portal to easily arrange training and development for employees. Track training is done and scheduling is a feature in our HR system. This module may produce individual training plans for staff, deal with bookings (for training courses and other learning options).

HR analytics

Providing reporting at every meeting can be troublesome be it in a large corporation or even the smallest companies. With our system, the HR will be able to provide metrics and benchmarks that eases decision-makers in analysing data gathered. Data stored within the HRMS will provide strategic and predictive insights that can be used to guide the business strategy of the organization.

How our system looks like

Employee – List
Leave – Leave Request
Attendance – List
Attendance -Settings
Payroll – Process Payroll
Payroll – Payroll Sheet
Payroll – Employee Salary
Claims – Claim Request
Claims – Apply Claim
Claims – Claim Type
Training – Schedule
Training – Create Training
Training – Training Request
Organization – Company
Organization – Department
Organization – Designation