Webmail System

Webmail has been a much more essential need compared to the conventional email client for all businesses. The reasoning behind this is due to crucial needs; direct access users need to their emails while away from the office or on holiday. Web email by Amiro Technology emphasizes on convenience to the business owners as well as the employees.

What does Amiro Technology webmail offer?

Easy Access

You will be able to access your webmail anytime, anywhere at your convenience. As long as you have an active internet connection. You only need to remember the URL which brings you to your email login, your email address (equivalent to your login ID) and password.

Backup for your emails

By using webmail, you can still access all your information (previously sent emails, drafts, other folders, etc) anywhere with a browser and internet connection. No configuration or additional software is required, just an Internet browser. NO worries of data loss even if your computer crashes or in the case of theft.


Email clients connect to the account through server by using email protocols such as POP or IMAP. There are various types of email accounts, but none of these email accounts can be accessed through the email program. Without so, the program will not be able to access the messages, and employees or users will not be able to check emails and work in real time. NO worries of data loss even if your computer crashes or in the case of theft.

No need for own computer to access

The convenience using webmail offered by Amiro Technology does not require access from specifically a computer. The user can use the webmail from a friends computer, cyber cafe or mobile phone according to needs and easiness.

How our system looks like